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Aries Bar

Aries Bar

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Next in line in the Constellation Collection is Aries! ♈ You are a passionate, motivated, and confident leader who builds community with cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Bloodstone is your chosen crystal Aries! While you thrive in action and energetic endeavors🏋️, Bloodstone will be there to boost your strength and courage.💪 It is also used to amplify the Universal Life Force, to give its wearer courage, wealth, strength, victory, power, and strength in new enterprises. Bloodstone is a powerful healing crystal that both grounds and protects while helping overcome influences like geopathic or electromagnetic stress💖📱 Also excellent in heightening creativity🎨 and intuition🔮

All crystals have been Moon-cleansed 🌕 to draw away any negative energy ✨

See what Bloodstone can do for you today, Warrior Aries💥☄️
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