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Ramblin Van Soaps

Honeybee Soap

Honeybee Soap

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Introducing our delightful detergent-free goat milk bar of soap, a heartwarming creation that combines the goodness of nature with the charm of honeybees. Prepare to be enchanted by this unique soap, carefully handcrafted to resemble a heart adorned with honeycombs and two adorable bees buzzing with joy.

Behold the captivating design of our soap, reminiscent of a heart interwoven with honeycombs—a symbol of love, harmony, and the industrious honeybees. Nestled within this heart lies a radiant yellow Aventurine crystal. Just as the honeybee symbolizes hard work, abundance, and prosperity, Aventurine crystal channels positive energy, encouraging confidence, luck, and manifesting dreams. Let the Aventurine crystal's energy invigorate your senses as you cleanse your body and soul, embracing the spirit of the honeybee and its remarkable symbolism.




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