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Personalized Mothers Day Bag

Personalized Mothers Day Bag

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Remind mom that it’s ok to take a break and enjoy some selfcare with a personalized box of skincare from Ramblin Van Soaps! This box will be filled with $50.00 of assorted goodies tailored to your momma! Each box will come with a Mothers Day card in the box, I will also be taking the time to wrap these gifts individually into gift paper, making her whole box a fun, pretty surprise!
PLEASE EMAIL ramblinvansoaps@gmail.com with your Name you used to order, tell me things like:

What your mom likes, and what she doesn’t. 
Any certain shapes that may have sentimental value

Smells she likes! 
Does she like body oils, lotions, bath bombs etc???? What can she NOT use?!

Anything else you can think to include like favorite colors is great too! 
Let’s celebrate moms and send some love through selfcare 💖

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