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Black Salt Negative Energy Ward (Not Skincare!)

Black Salt Negative Energy Ward (Not Skincare!)

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Use this hand curated Black Salt blend for a variety of things! Made with intention and love. Made with Fine and Small Black Salt crystals, Cumin, Bayleaf, Pepper and more.

-Pour a pinch of black salt along the threshold of the main entrance to your house. This prevents negative energy from entering.

-Having a small bottle on your nightstand or sprinkling a bit under your bed before going to sleep drives away negative energies that may haunt your room or rest area while protecting you from bad dreams or nightmares.

-Carry a small bottle with this salt around your neck, in your bag, or pocket. It will protect you from envy, plus all kinds of negative energy and can be a fantastic lucky charm.

-Hiding a bag of black salt in a key place at your work can help drive away and absorb everything that is left in the environment, including anger, negativity, states of bad humor, or envy that may come from your coworkers.

Black Salt is not a cheap item to come by, and these have been priced accordingly. Currently there are only 4 of these available. Thank you for choosing Ramblin Van Soaps!



Black Salt Ward Blend-Sea Salt Blend, Activated Charcoal, Cumin, Bayleaf, Pepper

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