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Soothing Soap

Soothing Soap

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This soap was made for those who need some calming in their lives. The calming and soothing energy of a Sodalite crystal empowers you to be yourself, even if it is uncomfortable. Sodalite has a wonderful, stress-relieving effect that guides you to a calm state of mind when you feel nervous, worried, or tense. This calming crystal energy can clear away any unwanted feelings that prevent you from expressing yourself honestly and truthfully and being authentic to who you really are – not just with others, but also with yourself. Sodalite fuses your heart and your head, allowing you to speak and communicate from your heart, as well as ensure that you show up to your life as the most authentic version of yourself.

This soap was made to smell like the ocean, with notes of sea salt air, lemon zest and coconut water blend with beach rose and sea grass. The Sodalite crystals rests over a silver mermaid scale background.
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