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Aura Cleanse Mist

Aura Cleanse Mist

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Aura Cleanse Mist contains only the finest essential oils, which manifest grounding and strengthening throughout the mind, body, and spirit. These oils are calming, clearing, relaxing, stimulating, and healing.

A combination of vetiver, cedarwood, and sandalwood essential oils work together for a cleansing and aromatic mist whenever needed. Can be used on body or as a space spray. These three woods blend harmonically together to create a scent that comes straight from the earth.

Vetiver has a dry, earthy, leathery, and smoky smell. Also known as the "oil of tranquility"

Cedarwood has a dry & woody aroma that is also slightly sweet as well as warming.

Sandalwood has a deep aroma that is rich & intoxicating especially when mixed with other woody scents. It also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Ingredients- Water, Poly 20, Essential Oils

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