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Egyptian Prosperity Oat Soap

Egyptian Prosperity Oat Soap

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A Charged Prosperity Soap is ideal for daily use in the shower or bath to set intentions of wealth,money and prosperity.
Oats are very beneficial in Prosperity Spells and as an added bonus this soap is moisturizing, chemical free and good for your skin.

Approximately 4 oz by volume

Prosperity Oat Spell Soap is designed to clear the old and stagnant energy that is lingering around you that has been keeping your coins binded!

Open the doors to abundance, prosperity, success, opportunities, networking, creativity, and currency!

The soap is made on a base of glycerin soap and premium essential oils for the preparation. Colored with premium European Green Clay!
Recommendation is to use it during Waning moon for a quick money spell while meditating on the intention.

Promotes and invokes 💰a richness, positive spending habits, accountability, abundance, balance, & understanding in your m.o.n.e.y /finances.
(M)y (O)wn (N)atural (E)nergy (Y)ield

Disclaimer: Soaps are sold as curios only. The results are up to the universe and the karma of the person that uses it. We are not responsible for the magical results. The soaps are made based on the herbs properties found on books and traditions.
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